The Knockout Company story

Knockout Meals is an Edinburgh based business providing fresh & healthy prepared meals. Knockout Meals is part of the larger Knockout Company group that also provides event catering and a cafe. We know how time consuming shopping, cooking and meal preparation can be and that’s why we are here to help! Not only is Knockout Meals here to provide you with fresh & healthy meals as well as a professional service, But Knockout Meals is also here to give you the guidance needed to achieve your goals whether it be muscle gain, losing weight or just obtaining a healthier & happier lifestyle! We deliver to Edinburgh and surrounding areas, Fife, and Falkirk.

At Knockout Meals we believe that you need to give your body and mind the best fuel possible in order to be the best you. We believe in positivity and we want to bring more of it into the world. We want you to live life to the fullest and use your time wisely. Why spend time planning your meals, shopping for ingredients and cooking when we are happy to do it all for you? Saving you on average around 600 hours per year. That’s 25 days! It’s not just about saving time, we also provide nutritionally designed menus that are catered to making you look and feel awesome using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It’s common for people to think that eating healthy means that food doesn’t taste as good; We say differently. Order one of our expertly designed Meal Bundles and be one step closer to the fitter, healthier you!